Mandalorian Ruched Waist Sash Tutorial

mandalorian sash in green, red, brown
Mandalorian Sash

This Mandalorian sash tutorial is simple and quick to make in an hour or two. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can still create this sash, it will just take you longer to finish. And ruched is just a fancy way of saying gathered fabric. Follow along and you’ll see what I mean.

Step 1 – Make your paper pattern. These measurements fit a small person of about 36-inch hips. I suggest you make a trial sash on scrap fabric to get the measurements to fit you accurately.

Step 2 – Cut out fabric. You’ll end up with 3 pieces, 1 large front piece, and two smaller back pieces. I suggest you cut the larger pattern piece on the bias of the fabric (diagonally across the fabric). This way it will stretch and shape around your hips better.

Step 3 – Take the 2 smaller back pieces and press 1/2 inch seam allowance at the ends. (Ironing tip: press the iron, don’t drag the iron. It helps the fabric set properly.)

Step 4 – Fold in half each back piece with right sides together and sew along 2 sides (where my sewing clips are).

Step 5 – Clip the corners and flip right side out. Use a pen or knitting needle to poke the corner points out. Press flat both back pieces. Set aside these 2 pieces for now.

Step 6 – Now take your large front piece, fold in half right sides together, and sew along the one long edge (where my sewing clips are). Turn right side out and press with an iron so your seam is at the edge between the folds.

Step 7 – With the widest stitch setting on your machine, sew down each edge. Leave long thread tails to gather the fabric evenly at both ends. Backstitch at the start but leave the end loose. Grabbing one thread, pull it carefully, and gather the fabric just enough so that it will fit into the 2 small back pieces.

Step 8 – Tuck your gathered front piece into the back pieces and pin in place at both ends. Make sure you tuck it in far enough so that all the stitches are hidden inside.

Step 9 – Sew the 2 back pieces to the gathered/ruched front piece (where the pins are). Do 2 rows of stitches on both pieces for stability.

Step 10 – Add velcro attachment to the ends. Make sure you place them correctly, it’s easy to position them wrong.

mandalorian sash with velcro closure

Step 11 – You can press the gathers flat or let them scrunch up however they fall around your waist.

Step 12 – You’re done! Check the fit with your ammo belt and over your codpiece if you have that done already. And maybe try making a waist sash in different colors or fabrics.

mandalorian girth belt tutorial
Waist sash and belt ready to add on pouches and ammo loops.

Waist Sash Pattern For Curvy Females

For females with more curves around the hip/waist area. You may wish to taper your pattern as shown in the photo below. This will make the sash sit flat without loose gaps around the top edge. This is especially helpful if using a fabric that doesn’t stretch much.

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