Mandalorian Boots and Gloves

Mandalorian Gloves

Various Mandalorian Glove Styles

Gloves for your Mandalorian costume should be easy to find. Your local retail stores probably have something suitable. And if you do get off-the-shelf gloves, you still have the option to customize a bit if you like.

Ideally, you want to look for gloves that are form-fitting, thin, or unlined. You don’t want gloves that are too bulky or hot like some work gloves or winter gloves. 

You can choose either leather or fabric, solid color, or multi-patterned. They can be full-finger or half-finger gloves, and they should extend high enough to fit under the wrist gauntlets. You can show your fingers but you can’t show your wrists. (Don’t ask me why, I really don’t know). If you feel it’s important to have finger dexterity to work a camera, cell phone touchscreen, blaster trigger, or some other equipment then you might want the half fingers. Or you could do both, layer a parade glove with a fingerless on top.

When you’re shopping also remember you’ll need to remove any logos, tags, or brand names. Either avoid those gloves or think about whether you can easily remove the logo, paint over it, or cover it with armor hand plates.

Good glove options include: garden gloves, tactical gloves, driving gloves, rappelling/rock climbing gloves, and Nomex flight gloves or pilot gloves. (Beware  that “tactical” gloves, sometimes look a bit too military “earthy”.)

Mandalorian Boots

Various Mandalorian Boot Styles

Boots are more important than you might realize. If you plan on using your Mandalorian costume at fundraising events, parades, or conventions, you need comfortable footwear. Most of the time you’ll be on your feet or walking around, sometimes for hours. Try to find something comfortable and somewhat breathable. If you do order boots online, I recommend you order a size up. You can always add insoles to make them fit better, but tight boots are almost unbearable.

Shoes or boots are allowed. If you choose shoes or short boots make sure they cover the ankle. One benefit of taller boots is that you can attach shin armor directly to the boot instead of to your undersuit. But if you live in a hot region, tall boots might be a bad choice.

Zippers are allowed if they’re on the inside of the boot or back/heel of the boot and the zipper teeth are the same color as the boot material. Boots should not have laces. But if they do you can cover the laces with either wraps, fabric spats, leg gaiters, or armor boot plates. If you use fabric ankle spats like Boba, try to match the color as best you can to your flightsuit. Straps and buckles are allowed on boots as long as they don’t look too “earthy”.

A good option for Star Warzy boots is the Chelsea boot style. These are nice ankle-high boots that don’t have laces or zippers and are worn by men and women. It’s the boot style that Stormtroopers wear. 

Leg wraps or puttees look great and can help hide laces or zippers. Need help wrapping them so they don’t fall down on troops? Check out the video below.

Lastly consider customizing your boots with armor boot caps, Boba-style toe spikes, or a Star-Warzy version of boot spurs. You can easily add spike studs to boots by gluing them to the front. Craft spike studs are available in different sizes. I would recommend you file the tip flat although.  Another way to give your footwear more detail is to add a silver strip similar to Jango Fett’s boots. This can be easily done by applying aluminum foil tape or marking with a silver paint pen.

Custom toe spikes with a strip of aluminum.

Did I miss any other important considerations? Please comment below to help other beginner builders.

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