Easy Mandalorian or Jedi Sash

This is probably the easiest Mandalorian sash you can make. It’s suitable for both Mandalorians or Jedi. Not only is it easy, but you can sew it by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. It will just take you a bit longer to finish.

This tutorial might also help people wanting to make a sash similar to Paz Vizsla’s. His waist sash belt looks like it’s made of a leather or suede material. If the material is thin enough, you should still be able to follow these instructions on a regular sewing machine. Leather can be tricky to sew, here are some tips for sewing leather fabric. Good luck!

Start by making a paper pattern. Measure your hip/waist area and add seam allowance. When measuring your body, consider wearing your flight suit and cod for a more accurate measurement. And decide how wide you want the girth belt. This will depend on the size of your ammo belt that sits on top. Taper the pattern about 4 inches.

Easy Mandalorian sash pattern

Place the pattern on the fabric bias (diagonally), and on the fold. Cutting on the fabric bias will help the fabric stretch and let the folds hang more randomly. It does use more fabric but the effect is worth it. Cut 2 pieces.

You should now have 2 large tapered pieces of fabric.

Pin them right sides together. Sew along 3 edges. Leave one side open. You’ll be turning it inside/out through this small end opening. Don’t worry if you’re cutting wasn’t accurate and the edges don’t line up exactly. This will add to the messy folds look that we want. Happy accidents are ok with this sash.

Clip the corners and trim the rough edges. I used pinking shears but you can just use regular scissors.

Flip inside out and press the stitched seams flat.

Now randomly press flat the fabric around the center. There is no right/wrong way to do this. Let the folds go where ever you think they look best. (This is why we cut on the bias.)

Now I suggest you try it on. If it fits ok, stitch the opening closed and sew velcro to the ends. (Don’t use sticky velcro, it’s not meant for fabrics.) And you’re done! I hope this tutorial was helpful.

You might want to try making a sash in different fabrics since some hang better than others. For cheap fabric material try looking in thrift shops for old blankets or curtains.

For a different method of creating a Mandalorian sash that may fit curvy females better, here’s a gathered Mandalorian girth sash tutorial.

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