Making Custom Mandalorian Gauntlets

Gauntlets or vambraces are the Mandalorian weapon systems that are worn on the forearms.  They contain various weapons, jetpack controls, or gauntlet electronics like digital screens. Gauntlets can also have rockets, dart launchers, wrist blades, wrist lasers, flamethrowers, fiber cord whip & grappling devices, or the whistling bird projectile. Custom gauntlets can be a challenging … Read more

How To Weather Mandalorian Armor

If you want your Mandalorian to look like it belongs in the Star Wars universe, you’ll want to add some weathering. Star Wars is a dirty, lived-in galaxy. Weathering will make your Mandalorian armor look more authentic and professional. And clean Mandos, can look like Mandos who don’t get much bounty work. So once you’ve … Read more

Using Rub n Buff on Plastic

Rub n Buff is a paste made from carnauba wax and metallic powder that can give plastic a very convincing reflective metal look. It is popular with the Jango Fett builders, and it’s affordable. One tube will do a full armor kit, and it comes in colors including silver, gold, and copper. The other benefit of … Read more

Painting Mandalorian Armor

Boba Fett armor painting

You’ve traced your armor templates, cut them out, heat-shaped them to fit your body, and decided on an attachment method. Now it’s time to move on to painting your Mandalorian armor. But before you start painting you’ll want to decide how much weathering you want?  Do you want heavily weathered armor with lots of paint … Read more

How is Mandalorian Armor Attached?

snaps,velcro, straps, magnets for attaching armor to mandalorian costume

Once you have your flight suit, flak vest, and armor plates, it’s time to decide how you’re going to attach your Mandalorian armor to your clothing parts. There are a few attachment methods that are popular and work well. You might want to experiment with a few methods to find which method you’re most comfortable … Read more