Mandalorian Everyday Carry Essentials

everyday carry essential kit for mandalorians
Mandalorian Accessories

Whether you’re facing a threat from the scum of the galaxy or trying to survive the Sarlacc, the best tools to deal with unexpected situations are the ones you have at your immediate disposal. What makes Mandalorians everyday carry gear so important is that they have it on them at all times, ready to use at a moment’s notice. Keep reading to see what Mandalorian accessories or EDC items every Mando should carry.

EDC or everyday carry is a collection of utilitarian items carried on your body every day, to assist with dangerous situations or make daily tasks easier. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, and be unsurprised by anything in between. Having reliable equipment readily available will help you get out of a jam if things get tough.  

Verd ori’shya beskar’gam. – A warrior is more than his armor.

When a Mandalorian goes out on a mission or bounty assignment some items are obvious essentials. The Mandalorian Helmet and Vambraces/Gauntlets come to mind right away.  Both of these body armor pieces contain an assortment of vital tools. Mando helmets often include rangefinders to enhance the environment and targeting displays. The helmets also often have a Comm-link or communicating device, and a HUD or heads-up display. The helmet HUDs can provide information to the user by connecting to the Holonet, to search databases or upload maps.  Some vambraces also have datapad displays and were usually packed with weapons including: flamethrowers, rockets, whipcords, blades, darts, grappling lines, and a favorite, the whistling bird guided missiles.

Now let’s look at what other everyday carry essentials or accessories a Mandalorian might want to consider carrying.

EDC Essentials For Mandalorians

1. Money – If you don’t have items to barter, you’ll need some Galactic cash on hand, like Imperial Credits. You never know when you might need to get your starship repaired, bribe a stranger for information, partake in some gambling fun, or feed a youngling in your care. For further discussion on Intergalactic currency go here,

2. Multitool – Boba Fett carried a bunch of tools in his shin pockets. They included: a jet pack adjustment tool, anti-security blade, sonic beam weapon, and a survival knife. Other tools Mandorians may choose to carry include: Droid Callers, a skeleton key for lock picking, Computer Spikes, or Code Cylinders which allow access to restricted areas or databases.

Star wars boba fett pocket tools

3. Flashlight – Glowrods or light-sticks come in many different styles. The Canto Bight Police used a more traditional design, compared to the Stormtroopers.  Flashlights installed on a gauntlet might be more suitable for Mandos.

4. Medical kit – A good MedPAC should have first aid supplies, diagnostic equipment, maybe a  Bacta Bomb, or meds for emergency situations.

5. Energy Capsules – For long space travel situations you might want some ready-to-eat meals handy. Shown above are food capsules that the Jedi frequently carry on their utility belts.

6. Datacards or Datapads – These portable devices are used to store information. They could store vital security information, engineering blueprints, equipment inventory, contact lists, training programs, battle plans, or log notes of a mission.

7. Weapons – Vibroblades, thermal detonators, breech charges, grenades. You get the idea.

8. Ammo – Extra ammo cartridges or spare magazines.  You can never have too much ammo.

mandalorian belt ammo loops and pouches
Photo: Germain Lussier/io9

9. Rope – You know what else we need? Some rope. Luckily Mandos usually wear rope girth belts.

10. ?

What other EDC items should a Mandalorian take with them when they leave their ship?

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  1. How about a basic soft goods repair kit? Flight Suits and vests can get damaged on a rough mission or even just through everyday wear & tear.

    Some thread and patch material might come in handy along with waxed thread or leather lacing to repair leather gear.

    Maybe be some kind of strapping or adhesive wrap to repair boots or gloves or even weapon grips. (Duct tape in space!)

    And… Visor Cleaner! Nothing worse than trying to see out of a smeary visor.


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