How To Weather Mandalorian Armor

If you want your Mandalorian to look like it belongs in the Star Wars universe, you’ll want to add some weathering. Star Wars is a dirty, lived-in galaxy. Weathering will make your Mandalorian armor look more authentic and professional. And clean Mandos, can look like Mandos who don’t get much bounty work. So once you’ve … Read more

Mandalorian Armor Flak Vest

mandalorian armor flak vest styles

This is the final costume part before moving on to the hard armor parts.  The Mandalorian armor flak vest will hold your chest armor pieces. Ideally you want to have the vest finished before starting the armor plates so that you can shape/form the chest pieces over the vest. You want a vest that fits … Read more

Mandalorian Belts


Mandalorian Belt Combo To get the classic Mandalorian look you’ll want to include 2 belts in your kit. A wide girth rope belt or waist sash. A holster belt or ammo belt. A bandolier can also be included here.  Boba wears a rope girth belt that was actually a 14-strand mohair horse girth. The original … Read more

Mandalorian Capes

Capes or No Capes? Capes are an easy add-on to a Mandalorian kit. If done well, they really bring a special look to a Mando. The other benefit of a cape is that if you don’t want to make an armor backplate, a full cape lets you skip that piece.  (It’s assumed the backplate is … Read more

Mandalorian Boots and Gloves

mandalorian boots with spikes yellow

Mandalorian Gloves Gloves for your Mandalorian costume should be easy to find. Your local retail stores probably have something suitable. And if you do get off-the-shelf gloves, you still have the option to customize a bit if you like. Ideally, you want to look for gloves that are form-fitting, thin, or unlined. You don’t want … Read more