Thermal Detonator Holder

A Thermal Detonator is a great accessory to add to your Mandalorian costume. It’s especially a great prop to have for those times when you can’t take a blaster to an event. Detonators look great and people love holding them for photos. Most people remember Princess Leia (in disguise as Boushh) holding a thermal detonator at Jabba’s palace.

Princess Leia disguised as a bounty hunter holding a thermal detonator.

You can find the detonators on Etsy. Just be careful that you don’t buy a poor-quality model with visible 3D print lines. It’s best to get recommendations from your local Mandolorian clan; there might even be a local person who builds them.

When not in use, you might want to secure the thermal detonator to your Mandalorian belt with a leather holder. This is a simple project that you can make yourself quickly and cheaply. It’s a Y-shaped thermal detonator holder. All you need is some leather, thick or thin, and one snap closure button. This template should fit a standard size detonator but I would suggest you make a test sample to ensure it fits your model. And it should fit snuggly so that the detonator doesn’t slide out.

Y-shaped leather thermal detonator holder

Print the holder pattern on regular letter-size paper, and either sew or glue the belt loop piece to your leather holder main piece. It’s made to fit a 1.5-inch belt, but you can easily adjust the pattern if you need it to fit wider belts. Just make the 3-inch belt loop piece longer.

Click on image for full size pattern to print.

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