15 Live-Action Mandalorian Armor Kits

mandalorian tribe characters

These are all of the live-action Mandalorian armor kits we’ve seen to date on the screen. Which one is your favorite? Boba Fett version 1 & 2 & 3 Din Djarin version 1 & 2 Jango Fett Mandalorian Rally Master Armor The Armorer Death Watch warrior Paz Vizsla “The Tribe” members Bo-Katan Kosha Reeves Axe … Read more

Mandalorian Everyday Carry Essentials

Whether you’re facing a threat from the scum of the galaxy or trying to survive the Sarlacc, the best tools to deal with unexpected situations are the ones you have at your immediate disposal. What makes Mandalorians everyday carry gear so important is that they have it on them at all times, ready to use … Read more

10 Mandalorian Trophies To Show Off

boba fett wookie braids on shoulder

What are Mandalorian trophies? Mandalorians are known to keep trophies of their kills. This practice is basically a souvenir of a successful victory or kill. It shows the Mando’s success in a mission, bounty, or their fighting ability. It could be seen as a status symbol and it’s usually worn on the shoulder or belt … Read more