Thermal Detonator Holder

belt leather holder tutorial for thermal detonator

A Thermal Detonator is a great accessory to add to your Mandalorian costume. It’s especially a great prop to have for those times when you can’t take a blaster to an event. Detonators look great and people love holding them for photos. Most people remember Princess Leia (in disguise as Boushh) holding a thermal detonator … Read more

Shaping Female Mandalorian Chest Armor

female mandalorian chest armor

Sintra is a great material for creating a Mandalorian costume cheap. In fact, you’ll probably spend more money on spray paint than on your body armor pieces (excluding the helmet and gauntlets). But a common frustration with females is trying to shape Sintra into compound curves for the chest armor plates. Different options for creating … Read more

Easy Mandalorian or Jedi Sash

brown mandalorian wrinkled sash girth belt tutorial

This is probably the easiest Mandalorian sash you can make. It’s suitable for both Mandalorians or Jedi. Not only is it easy, but you can sew it by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. It will just take you a bit longer to finish. This tutorial might also help people wanting to make … Read more

How To Make A Mandalorian Vest

Make your own Boba Fett vest Yes, you can make a Mandalorian flak vest with basic sewing skills and you can make it for under $10. This tutorial will show you how to use an old t-shirt to create a sewing pattern template. Aim to make the vest fit you, and then make the armor … Read more

DIY Mandalorian Baby Bag

This is my interpretation of the Mandalorian Baby Yoda crossbody bag. It’s hard to see the details, but my best guess is that it is constructed with a side seam and in a fabric that lends itself to the slouchy look. Here’s a close up of the fabric, a wool blend might be a good … Read more