10 Mandalorian Trophies To Show Off

What are Mandalorian trophies?

Mandalorians are known to keep trophies of their kills. This practice is basically a souvenir of a successful victory or kill. It shows the Mando’s success in a mission, bounty, or their fighting ability. It could be seen as a status symbol and it’s usually worn on the shoulder or belt area. Boba Fett is known to wear Wookie braids on his right shoulder. 

Trophies also help tell the Mandalorian’s backstory. Some costumers enjoy developing the history of their fictional character. So next time you see a Mando with odd items hanging off their costume, ask them about it. They might have a great tale to tell. 

Wookie Braids

Kyber Lightsaber Crystal

Ewok Ears

Rancor Teeth

Wampa Horn or Claw

Trandoshan Scales

Damaged Lightsaber Hilt

Imperial Officer Rank Bars or Code Cylinders

Stormtrooper Hand Plates

Tusken Raider Eye

Have any other good trophy ideas? Comment below.

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